Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blues Pearl Effects Pedals

Why buy Blues Pearl ?
What makes Blues Pearl Amplifiers and Effects Pedals Different ?
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About 90% of the guitar effects pedal circuit designs you buy on-line or at guitar stores today are attempts to recreate, copy or clone an original circuit design. There are only a handful of companies that can claim the rights to their own circuit designs. Blues Pearl amplifiers and guitar effects pedals are Spot On original circuit designs with hand selected top shelf parts. Blues Pearl may have a new package (pedal enclosure) but the tone you will discover is original. You will not find Blues Pearl effects pedals or amplifiers at the Guitar Center, Music123 or Musicians Friends. When you buy Blues Pearl guitar effects pedals you will receive a pedal that is easy to use. A pedal that depending on your gear set up, from Fender to Gibson, will create an amazing new tone that you can call your very own. Perfect for all types of music: blues, country, jazz or rock. Young or old, from beginner to professional guitarist you can expect nothing short of magic when you plug into Blues Pearl. Expect only the best guitar effects pedals and handcrafted tube amplifiers from Blues Pearl.
As the new owners of Blues Pearl we are working close with Bob Hudson to recreate each of his original circuit designs to perfection. We have several new designs and products that are in production now and will soon be added to this web-site as available for sale . From guitar sound effects pedals to professional handcrafted tube amplifiers Blues Pearl ground breaking, original one of a kind designs have stood the test of time since the 1980s . Rugged, roadworthy easy to use professional gear that is just incomparable to others.
Robert J Hudson (Previous Owner and Founder of Blues Pearl) started making musical gear for friends and local musicians in the early 80's. His custom handmade tube amplifiers and extreme guitar effects pedal designs started to bend the ears of some well know guitar players such as Buddy Guy, Chris Duarte, James Burton, Jeff Cook and many others. His special design handcrafted pieces can be found world wide on stage, in studios and homes alike. Some of Bob's most famous works are the Texas Tornado, Point to Point hand wired guitar tube amplifier and the now famous Perplexed design guitar effects pedal. "Guitar World" once said that Bob Hudson would be the next Leo Fender! His ear for detail, electronic genius and hands on approach helped make some of the best guitar sound effects pedals and tube amplifiers designs that people still try to copy to this day. In 2000 serious illness and financial difficulties forced Bob to retire. Today the new owners of Blues Pearl Amp Company have created a deal with Bob that will insure his original products and concept designs will live on through the " New Blues Pearl Amp Company ".

"In the Words of Robert J Hudson"
When I was first approached about the idea of the Blues Pearl designs being used again, I have to say I had some doubts. I had spent a great deal of time sourcing the original parts used in these designs along with several custom made hard to come by items. After talking with the owners of the New Blues Pearl Amp Company, we agreed that all effects pedals and amplifiers would be built with the same quality parts, from the same companies and the same values as used in all the original designs. The idea of these products being "reissued does not fit." These are the same designs, same parts, built with upgraded packages ( new enclosure). Wema, Panasonic, Vishay etc are some of the companies used to create the tones that are well respected in both the audio file community as well as instrument and amplifier builders for years. What's nice is that the new products come from designs that I have developed over the years and also some of my newer ideas are now being made and added to the product line. Over the years many companies have tried to use my concepts and designs to recreate the original Blues Pearl tones. To tell the truth if it does not bare the name "Blues Pearl" it's not !

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