Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tweed Overdrive Effects Pedal

Tweed Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

The Blues Pearl Tweed Overdrive guitar effects pedal special design circuits are meant to mimic not modeling (which is in most cases a digital processor.) Not all amplifiers clip and distort the same as we all know, nor do overdrives. This guitar effects pedal is designed to clip with the same type of wave form as any of the 50 watt and under class tweed amplifiers do at the original 110 VAC. Easy to use and finding the gain you need to kick your tweed in the butt, with the tone knob you can dial in your lead EQ and level control for extra db. Equipped with a nice easy to use battery tray. This Classic guitar sound effects pedal comes with the Blues Pearl power supply so you are ready to rock straight out of the box. Super fast 2-3 day free shipping to customers in the USA and Canada. In the end tone is what counts. This original Blues Pearl ground breaking circuit design is Spot On. You will not find this overdrive pedal at any Guitar Center but you can buy it from Blues Pearl today ! Remember...if it does not say Blues Pearl, then it is not.

The Ultimate Guitar Sound Effects Pedals
Tweed Overdrive Effects Pedal Features:
>Professional Stage and StudioUse
>Not a Copy / Not a Clone
>Highest quality hand selected parts
>Versatile tone / Original Blues Pearl circuit design
>3PDT Bypass switching
>Heavy duty roadworthy powder coated steel case
>Comes with / Power supply (included)
>Straight forward-easy to use
>Incomparable to other overdrive effects pedals

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